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About Longport Borough in New Jersey

Longport Borough is a quiet, upscale seashore resort minutes from the nightlife in Atlantic City and the Boardwalk in Ocean City. It is a quaint community of 1,700 homes with its own volunteer fire and police departments, two restaurants and only one commercial block. Long & Foster is the only real estate office located in Longport. Private residences and condominiums are available for monthly or seasonal rent and the longer rental periods provide guests the opportunity to become part of the community. There are a wide range of outdoor activities; including fishing, surfing, paddle boarding and bike riding.

Things to do in Longport, NJ

  • Visit Longport Point - Longport point is the point of the island and offers a beautiful beach. Enjoy fishing and sunbathing here. 
  • Longport Dog Beach - Dog lovers rejoice! There is a beach specifically for dogs and their human companions to enjoy the sand and surf.
  • Take a Charter Trip - Fishing is certainly a big pastime in Longport. Take a chartered fishing trip from one of the many local guides.
  • Explore the Nearby Attractions - Longport is the perfect place to vacation because you can enjoy a relaxed experience and hop over to the action on your terms. Spend a day in Ocean City or Atlantic City and enjoy an upbeat scene. 

Longport, NJ History

Longport Borough is located on the southern tip of Absecon Island. The land was purchased in 1857 by James Long, who owned the property for 25 years before he ever came to see the barren stretch of sand dunes he had acquired. Between 1870 and 1880 his investment literally grew as erosion in Atlantic City, on the eastern end of the island, resulted in sand being deposited at the Longport tip which almost closed Longport's inlet. In 1882, James Long offered the land for sale to his friend M. Simpson McCullough, a reputable Philadelphia lawyer and developer. McCullough had the idea to develop the land into a seashore resort.

McCullough named his seashore retreat "Longport" after his friend and because of the naturally "long port" along the back bay side of the island. Between 1900 and 1916, the natural erosion that created blocks one through ten, almost 184 acres of his 250 acres, moved across the inlet and formed what is now known as the Ocean City Gardens. At its most narrow point, Longport is only one block wide.

Mr. McCullough built the Aberdeen Hotel in 1883 to entertain potential buyers. The Aberdeen Hotel, at its largest size, was a 154 room hotel located at 16th Ave and the beach. It stood on the current site of the Longport Seaview Condominiums. The Winchester-Oberon was built in 1906 as a hotel and later became the Winchester School for Boys in 1911. The sons of the Wanamaker and DuPont families were students there, as well as movie actress Evelyn Nesbitt's son. Another landmark was the Betty Bacharach Home for Afflicted Children, founded by U.S. Congressman Isaac Bacharach and this brother, Mayor Harry Bacharach of Atlantic City. It is currently the site of the Longport Municipal Borough Hall. At the foot of 16th Avenue also stood the old Pier and Pavilion. The Pavilion had an arcade, restaurant, bowling alley and hosted a casino. The Pier served as the main point for entry before there were bridges connecting the islands and visitors arrived and departed by train, trolley or steamboat. Famous figures in history to visit Longport include Amelia Earhart, Dean Martin and Jane Mansfield. Longport's rich history can be explored at The Longport Historical Museum, which is open to visitors on Saturday mornings.

Longport, NJ Vacation Rentals

We offer over 400 vacation homes and condos throughout Longport Borough. Our rentals can accommodate small and large groups, and offer all the amenities you've been seeking for your next trip. Find a seaview rental or a summer rental today. Make your reservation online is easy and you can contact us with any questions. 

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