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4/5 Rating
Linda Hoffman

We always have a good time at Rehoboth Beach the past 10 yrs but this year we had extremely bad/rainy weather. Thank goodness the condo had fantastic views even if it was raining. The sectional couch had been upgraded from our last visit which made it much more comfortable. I would also like to note that the entire condo was so much cleaner this time and that was also much appreciated. The staff was very accomodating and friendly.

5/5 Rating
Robin Russo

Fantastic accommodation, the views were wonderful and all of the kitchen appliances etc. were great. We have been renting at the Henlopen for 30+ years, this condo was the best. Order linens, and have the beds made! Would redo.

5/5 Rating
Dale - Boston, MA

Excellent accommodation, but price is too high. It is out of proportion to what other apartments are charging.

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