Spring at Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia!
Posted by Lake Girl | Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Spring at Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia!

   There are so many ways to enjoy my gorgeous lake in the spring but the best way to truly enjoy it is by boat! Now it really doesn’t matter what kind of boat because any mode of water transportation will do! If you are looking for an exciting experience then you should try a personal watercraft such as a wave runner or jet ski. This is a small but fast way to see the lake! If you have a larger group, then I would suggest a pontoon or deck boat. These can offer your family and friends a leisurely trip around the lake plus you can pull an inflatable behind any of these boats which can make it an exciting ride for the kiddos! You can also choose a self-propelled option like a canoe, kayak or paddleboard. You see, we have over 500 miles of shoreline, with miles of undeveloped shore to enjoy the nature. I love the fact that even though more and more people are finding out about this hidden gem, there is still so much nature to enjoy. I personally love to kayak around this lake. To me, it is the best way to see this lake up close and personal.  I paddle my kayak to a hidden cove at the base of Smith Mountain and get to enjoy an uninhabited sandy beach for the day! Or I chose to go island hopping! Really island hopping! There are these tiny wonderful islands that dot this huge lake, so I grab a picnic lunch, a great book and a towel to sit on. Then I read or watch the boats go by and am able to truly relax, more than likely for the first time that week! This is such a wonderful place to vacation and I’m lucky enough to live here! I hope that you decide to check out my beautiful lake in the spring, bring your favorite book and a bite to eat…I promise to paddle to another island should you get there first!

Until Next Time! Lake Girl

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