Ventnor NJ Vacation Rentals

The Ventnor area has always impressed others with its beauty. In fact the city was named Ventnor by the Camden and Atlantic County Land Company because the city reminded them of the beauty of the resort with the same name in England. The city received their name in 1889 but it was not until March 17, 1903 Ventnor was officially founded.

Summers at the shore are a memory not soon forgotten. Like so many gifts parents try to give their children, former shore children now grown yearn to create this experience for themselves and their families.By one or more family members owning or renting that “special” summer getaway, the entire family gets to reunite each year for new summer memories.

Ventnor features beautifully maintained beaches, a picturesque bay front, privately owned restaurants and shops found nowhere else and historic landmarks. Ventnor’s most notable attribute is their famous boardwalk. Running nearly two miles along the coast, the boardwalk is perfect for sightseeing, biking, running and more. Off the boardwalk is New Jersey’s last public Fishing Pier and the boardwalk also extends to Atlantic City. While Margate has the Parkway section, Ventnor has St. Leonard’s Tract. A pristine section of Ventnor with historic estates, established since the early 1920s. Ventnor offers beach fun for the whole family, with their beach volleyball courts, tennis courts, the Viking Rowing Club, fishing off the Pier and more.

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