Sea Isle City Office
4914 Landis Avenue
Sea Isle City NJ 08243
Phone # 609-263-2267

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134 75th St. 1st floor   
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10 49th St. 1st Floor10 49th St. 2nd floor10 55th St. North10 55th St. South
10 72nd St. West10 74th St. West10 77th St. East10 77th St. West
10 79th St. 1st floor10 79th St. 2nd floor10 80th St. South10 86th St. B North
1004 Landis Ave. South101 32nd St. East1016 Landis Ave. Front1016 Landis Ave. Rear
102 45th St. East102 45th Street, West102 70th St. East104 36th St 201
104 36th St. 202 middle floor104 36th St. 301 Top floor104 67th St. East104 67th St. West
104 75th St. East105 35th St. 101105 35th St. 103105 49th St. West
105 51st St. East105 65th St. 207105 88th St. 1st floor106 29th St. West
106 45th St East107 46th St. 1st floor107 83rd St. West108 30th St. West
108 36th St. East108 67th St. East108 67th St. West109 36th St. East
109 42nd St. 1st floor109 48th St. West109 49th St. West109 65th Street, Unit 105
109 69th St. West11 43rd St North11 43rd St. South11 63rd St. East
11 63rd St. West11 73rd St. East11 84th St. North110 33rd St. East
110 34th St. East110 48th St. West110 49th St. East110 49th St. West
110 60th St. East110 68th St. West110 75th St. East110 78th St. East
110 85th St. Unit C 2nd floor111 37th St. 1 East111 37th St. East111 38th St. West
111 42nd St. West111 63rd St. 302111 63rd St. 303111 63rd St. 304
111 63rd St. 305111 80th St. West112 30th St A Front112 35th St. West
112 52nd St. East112 52nd St. West112 80th St. West113 37th St. 2B
113 37th St. 3A 3rd floor West113 37th St. 3B113 39th St. East113 49th St. East
113 57th St. East113 60th St. Unit C113 60th St. Unit D113 72nd St. West
113 82nd St. West113 89th St. West114 30th St. Rear114 31st St. A Rear
114 37th St. C114 37th St. Unit A114 46th St. East114 56th St. East
114 57th St. West114 60th St. 1st floor114 65th St. West114 71st St. Single
114 78th St. West114 82nd St. 2nd floor front114 85th St . 1st floor114 85th St. 2nd floor
115 32nd St. West115 33rd St. East115 33rd St. West115 43rd St. Unit A 1st floor
115 49th St West115 86th St. North116 36th St. West116 88th St. West
117 34th St. West117 39th St. East117 47th St. West117 56th St. West
117 59th St. East117 59th St. West117 66th St West117 66th St. East
117 73rd St. East117 93rd St. West118 38th St. 3118 44th St. West
118 46th St. East118 49th St. East118 49th St. West118 50th St. 2nd
118 53rd St. West118 54th St. West118 56th St. Est118 59th St. 1st floor
118 59th St. 2nd floor118 73rd St. West118 86th St. North118 86th St. South
118 91st St. West118 W 46th Street119 32nd St. West119 60th St. East
12 62nd St. East12 62nd Street12 63rd St. 2nd floor12 67th St. East
12 67th St. West12 71st St. West120 48th St. 1st floor120 85th St. Single
1204 Landis Ave. 1st Floor North C1204 Landis Ave. 1st Floor South1204 Landis Ave. 2nd Floor North121 34th St. West
121 39th St. 2nd floor121 43rd St. East121 49th St. West121 52nd St. East
121 52nd St. West121 53rd St. West121 57th St. East121 58th St. East
121 60th St. East121 72nd St. West121 77th St. East121 81st St. East
121 86th St. West122 48th St. East122 51st St. West122 58th St. West
122 76th St. West122 81st St. East122 81st St. West122 86th St. A Rear
124 48th St. East124 60th St. South124 88th St. 1st Floor125 33rd St. B East
125 44th St. East125 45th St. East125 45th St. West125 50th St. East
125 50th St. West125 56th St. West125 57th St. West125 66th St. West
125 77th St. 2nd floor125 78th St. 1st125 81st St. 1st Floor125 81st St. 2nd floor
125 86th St. West125 87th St. North126 33rd St. 1st floor126 42nd St. 1st
126 47th St. East126 57th St. East126 58th St. West126 75th St. East
126 81st St. 2nd Floor126 82nd St. West126 86th St. East126 86th St. West
126 87th St. Single127 40th St. 1F127 46th St. East128 38th St. West
128 45th St. Rear128 47th St. West128 89th St. Single129 34th St. East
129 35th St. West129 68th St. East129 68th St. West129 69th St. East
129 69th St. West129 76Th St. 1st Floor129 76th St. 2nd floor129 82nd St. West
129 86th St. West129 89th St. West129 91st St. West13 42nd St. South Front
13 57th St. North13 57th St. South13 67th St. 1st13 67th St. 2nd Floor
13 68th St. West13 69th St. West13 80th St. 2nd floor13 82nd St. North
13 84th St. South13 86th Street, 2nd Floor130 68th St. East130 71st St East
130 71st St. West130 79th St. East A130 81st St. East130 87th St. Unit B
130 90th St. East130 90th St. West131 44th St. East131 44th St. West
131 52nd St. East132 39th St. A 1st floor East133 34th St. East133 36th St. East
133 46th St. East133 60th St. Front133 60th St. Rear133 66th St. West
133 77th St. West134 34th St. East134 42nd St. 2nd floor134 47th St. East
134 47th St. West134 57th St. East134 73rd St. West134 74th St. East
134 75th Street 2nd Fl134 81st St. West134 82nd St. Front/North134 82nd St. Rear Unit
134 86th St. 2nd floor135 39th St. East135 39th St. West135 39th St. West
135 65th St. #18 3rd floor135 65th St. Unit 13135 65th St. Unit 14135 65th St. Unit 17
135 78th St. 2nd floor135 E 47th Street137 53rd St. East137 57th St. West
137 68th St. East137 75th St. West137 82nd St. 2nd floor138 40th St. Unit A
138 40th St. Unit B138 40th St. Unit C138 50th St. East138 57th St. East
138 68th St. East138 73rd St. East138 75th St East138 79th St. 1st floor
138 93rd St. East139 35th St. West139 43rd St. East139 46th St. West
139 47th St. East139 55th St. South14 53rd St. East14 56th St. West
14 59th St. North14 69th St. West14 77th Street, Front140 51st St. West
140 74th St. West140 91st St. A South140 93rd St. 1st141 49th St. West
141 77th St. 1st floor141 80th St. West142 37th St. East142 37th St. West
142 40th St. East142 40th St. West142 43rd St. West142 59th St. West
142 68th St. East143 43rd St. East143 46th St. West143 47th St. West
143 60th St. East147 42nd St. 104147 42nd St. 204 2nd floor147 44th St. West
147 46th St. East147 46th St. West15 45th St. East15 48th St. East
15 48th St. West15 54th St East15 73rd St. West16 64th St. East
16 82nd St. North17 42nd St. Unit 317 42nd St. Unit 6 Top Floor17 43rd St. 1st
17 43rd St. 2nd North (back)17 43rd St. 2nd South (front)17 45th St. North17 54th St. 2nd floor Unit B
17 54th St. A 1st floor 17 55th St. South17 65th St. East17 65th St. West
17 68th St. East17 69th St East17 73rd St. West17 74th St. East
17 75th St. East17 78th St. East17 80th St. 1st Floor17 82nd St. West
18 33rd St. North18 33rd St. South18 45th St. Single18 47th St. Single
18 48th #5 Top Floor18 48th St. #3-2nd Floor East18 48th St. 1E Unit 118 48th St. 1st floor West
18 48th St. 2W Unit 418 52nd St. North18 59th St. South18 65th St. East
18 71st St. 1st Floor18 73rd St. Single18 87th St. 1st floor19 51st St. West
19 52nd St. 1st Floor19 52nd St. 2nd Floor19 66th St. West1904 Landis Ave. North
1906 Landis Ave. South   
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20 53rd St. Single20 64th St. 1st floor20 64th St. 2nd floor20 68th St. West
20 82nd St. West201 81st St. East201 85th St. East201 90th St. 2nd floor B
202 78th St. West202 78th Street, East203 44th St. East204 44th St. East
205 38th St. East205 48th St. East205 50th St. East205 54th St. East
205 59th St. East209 38th St. West209 48th St. East209 48th St. West
209 86th St. East209 87th St. 1st floor209 93rd St. Front21 30th St. South
21 48th St. North21 48th St. South21 51st St. 1st Floor21 51st St. 2nd Floor
21 57th St. West21 63rd St. West21 64th St. East21 67th St. East
21 68th St. West21 72nd St. East21 73rd St. East21 73rd St. West
21 74th St. West21 75th St. East21 75th St. West21 76th St. East
210 78th St. East210 85th St. A 1st floor211 67th St. Single211 92nd St. 1st floor
213 39th St. 1st floor213 78th St. East214 55th St. East214 55th St. West
214 76th St. East214 76th St. West214 87th St. East215 38th St. 1st floor
215 45th St East216 47th St. East217 77th St. East217 82nd St. South
217 87th St. 2nd floor218 44th St East218 56th St. West218 76th St. East
22 35th St. #3 2nd floor22 35th St. Unit 122 35th St. Unit 522 66th St. East
22 66th St. West22 76th St. East22 76th St. West22 82nd Street, East
220 44th St. West221 36th St. East221 45th St. East Unit221 58th St. 2nd floor
221 59th St. East221 59th St. West221 76th St. 2nd floor Unit B221 77th St. West
221 79th St. 2nd floor221 81st St. West221 86th St. B 1st floor East221 86th St. D 2nd floor East
221 87th St. 303222 42nd St. D222 57th St. 2nd Floor222 79th St. East
222 81st St. East222 81st St. West223 38th St. West225 39th St. East
225 39th St. West225 47th St. East225 47th St. West225 48th St. East
225 80th St. West225 87th St 2nd floor226 40th St. East226 77th St. East
227 44th St. East227 44th St. West229 37th St. East229 37th St. West
229 39th St. West A229 58th St. East229 59th St East229 76th St. West A
229 77th St. 1st229 77th St. 2nd Floor229 79th St. East23 34th St. South
23 38th St. 20323 38th St. 20523 38th St. 30523 39th St. Unit B
23 39th St. Unit E 2nd/3rd Floor23 51 St. East23 51 St. West23 81st St. West
230 39th St. West230 77th St. East230 82nd St. 1st floor2305 Landis Ave South
2309 Landis Ave North2315 Landis Ave. South233 56th St. North233 80th St. A 2nd floor
233 80th St. B 1st floor234 40th St. East234 54th St. East234 77th St. West
234 78th St. East234 85th St. 1st floor236 37th St. East236 37th St. West
237 37th St. West237 55th St. East237 56th St. East237 58th St. East
237 58th St. West238 37th St. B Rear238 54th St. Single238 55th St. East
238 85th St. Single24 32nd St. West24 33rd St. East24 33rd St. West
24 56th St. 1st Floor24 62nd St. 1st Floor24 63rd St. East24 63rd St. West
24 64th St West24 64th St. East24 82nd St. West24 84th St. East
24 89th St. Single240 36th St. East2409 Landis Ave. South241 36th St. East
241 58th St. 2nd floor243 38th St. East245 39th St. 2nd floor246 57th St. West
25 33rd St. West25 34th St. East25 34th St. West25 44th St. East
25 46th St. East25 49th St. North25 52nd St. 1st floor25 63rd St. East
25 63rd St. West25 76th St. East25 76th St. West25 77th St. East
25 77th St. West25 78th St. West25 81st St. West25 88th St. East
250 57th St. East2501 Landis Ave. North2501 Landis Ave. South26 27th St. South
26 28th St. North26 42nd St. 10726 42nd St. 20226 42nd St. 207
26 42nd St. 30426 42nd St. 30726 53rd St. West26 54th St. West
26 55th St. West26 59th St. Main House26 76th St. East26 80th St. East
2609 Landis Ave. North2611 Landis Ave. South2613 Landis Ave. North27 48th St. East
27 48th St. West27 51st St. East27 67th St. 1st floor2705 Landis Ave. North
2709 Landis Ave. South2714 Landis Ave. North2714 Landis Ave. South28 30th St. North
28 46th St. East28 46th St. West28 53rd St. West28 62nd St. 1st floor
28 62nd St. Upper (2nd)28 63rd St. West28 79th St. West2805 Landis Ave. South
2812 Landis Ave. North2813 Landis Ave. North2813 Landis Ave. South29 29th St. South
29 33rd St. East29 33rd St. West29 39th St. 2nd Floor29 49th St. South A
29 50th St. East29 62nd St. East29 63rd St. West29 68th St. West
29 73rd St. East2902 Landis Ave Single2905 Landis Ave. South 
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30 33rd St. West30 36TH St. East30 36th St. West30 51st St. East
30 52nd St. South30 66th St. West30 75th St. West30 79th St. West
30 80th St East30 80th St. West300 Landis Ave. 4300 Landis Ave. C
300 Landis Ave. Unit B3006 Landis Ave. North3006 Marine Place North3006 Marine Place South
301 39th St. South301 56th St. West3010 Landis Ave. Single3010 Marine Place North
3010 Marine Place South3014 Marine Place South305 39th St. West305 46th Place West
306 39th St. West308 40th St. East A308 46th Place Single309 56th St. B-4
309 56th St. B2309 56th St. B5 3rd floor31 84th St. West3102 Pleasure Ave. North
3105 Central Ave. North3105 Central Ave. South3109 Landis Ave South313 40th St. 1st & 2nd Floor
319 45th Place West32 47th St. West32 75th St. East320 44th St. West
3200 Boardwalk North3200 Boardwalk South3200 Landis Ave. Unit D 3201 Central Ave. South
3204 Boardwalk South3207 Central Ave. 1st Floor3212 Boardwalk South325 56th St. East
326 46th Place West329 56th St. East33 35th St. West33 36th St. 1A
33 36th St. 2B33 36th St. 2D33 36th St. 3A33 36th St. 3B
33 36th St. 3C33 36th St. 3D33 54th St. East33 54th St. West
33 74th St. East33 74th St. West33 75th St. East33 75th St. West
33 78th St. East33 78th St. West33 81st St. East3305 Landis Ave. North
3309 Landis Ave. North3309 Landis Ave. South3310 Landis ave South332 40th St. 2nd floor
333 39th St. East333 43rd Place 2nd floor334 44th St. West337 43rd Place East
339 43rd Place West34 34th St. 10134 34th St. 20334 34th St. 204
34 34th St. 30934 35th St. 3E34 35th St. Unit 2E34 75th St. 1st Floor
34 78th St. 1st floor34 80th St. 1st Floor34 80th St. 2nd floor340 38th St. West
340 47th Place East3400 Landis Ave. 4133400 Promenade 1A3400 Promenade 1G
3400 Promenade 1H3400 Promenade 2A3400 Promenade 2B3400 Promenade 2F
3400 Promenade 2G3400 Promenade 2H3400 Promenade 3A3400 Promenade 3B
3400 Promenade 3E3400 Promenade 3F3400 Promenade 3H345 43rd Place West
345 44th St. West348 47th Place East348 47th Place West35 25th St. South
35 52nd St. East35 52nd St. West35 53rd St. East35 76th St. East
35 80th St. 1st floor35 83rd St. East35 84th St. Single3500 Boardwalk 320N
3500 Boardwalk 715N3500 Boardwalk N4173500 Central Ave. 2nd floor3502 Landis Ave. 3
3502 Landis Ave. 43502 Landis Ave. 6 3rd Floor3506 Central Ave. 1st Floor3506 Central Ave. 2nd Floor
3508 Central Ave. 2nd floor3510 Landis Ave. South354 43rd Place 1A354 43rd Place 1B
354 43rd Place 1F354 43rd Place 1G354 43rd Place 2E354 43rd Place 2G
354 43rd Place 3B354 44th St. West36 81st St. West36 82nd St. West
3601 Cini St. South3605 Landis Ave. North3608 Sounds Ave. South3610 Landis Ave South
3616 Sounds Ave. North364 44th St. North367 43rd St. East37 74th St. East
37 77th St. 1st3700 Boardwalk 2103700 Boardwalk 21253700 Boardwalk 305S
3701 Cini Ave. North A3701 Landis Ave. 1A3701 Landis Ave. 1C 2nd floor3701 Landis Ave. 1D 2nd floor
3701 Landis Ave. 1E 3rd floor3701 Landis Ave. 1F 3rd floor3701 Landis Ave. 2C3701 Landis Ave. 2F
3701 Landis Ave. B13710 Central Ave. 1st floor373 44th St. West374 43rd Place 4
38 74th St. West38 75th St. 1st Floor38 75th St. 2nd Floor38 77th St. 2nd
38 79th St. West38 80th St. East380 47th Place East3800 Central Ave. 2nd floor
3800 Pleasure Ave. 4053817 Central Ave. 2nd floor3820 Central Ave. 1st Floor Front 3820 Central Ave. 1st Floor Front B
3820 Central Ave. 1st Floor Rear 3820 Central Ave. 2nd Fl Front 3820 Central Ave. 2nd Fl Rear 3900 Pleasure Ave. 107
3900 Pleasure Ave. 2043900 Pleasure Ave. 2053900 Pleasure Ave. 2073900 Pleasure Ave. 303
3900 Pleasure Ave. 3053901 Promenade 1073901 Promenade 1103901 Promenade 111
3901 Promenade 1123901 Promenade 115 Beachfront3901 Promenade 1183901 Promenade 208
3901 Promenade 2103901 Promenade 2113901 Promenade 2183914 Pleasure Ave. 202
3918 Landis Ave. 1103918 Landis Ave. 11113918 Landis Ave. 2103918 Landis Ave. 211
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4 68th St. 1st floor4 84th St. Single40 82nd St West40 82nd St. East Unit
4000 Pleasure Ave. 2024000 Pleasure Ave. 301 Top Floor N4009 Landis Ave. 24009 Landis Ave. 8
4010 Pleasure Ave. 241 75th St. East41 75th St. West41 78th St. East
41 79th St. East4100 Promenade 1C4100 Promenade 1D4100 Promenade 2A
4100 Promenade 2D4100 Promenade 3B4100 Promenade 3C4100 Promenade 3D
4100 Promenade 4D4105 Landis Ave. 2nd Fl. East4105 Landis Ave. 2nd Fl. West4109 Landis Ave. 2nd Fl. North
4109 Landis Ave. 2nd Fl. South4114 Central Ave. 1044114 Central Ave. 2044114 Central Ave. 210
4114 Central Ave. 21342 73rd St. East42 73rd St. West42 78th St. West
4200 Boardwalk 1024200 Boardwalk 1034200 Boardwalk 201 top floor4200 Boardwalk 204
4207 Pleasure Ave. Front4207 Pleasure Ave. Rear4215 Landis Ave. 202 1st & 2nd Floor4305 Park Rd. North
4315 Landis Ave. 2nd Floor East4400 Beach 1014400 Beach 1024400 Beach 104
4400 Beach 1054400 Beach 2024400 Beach 2064400 Beach 208
4400 Beach 301 Beachfront TopFL4400 Beach 304 Beachfront4400 Beach 3054400 Beach 306
4400 Beach 3074400 Beach 3084400 Central Ave. North4400 Pleasure Ave 105
4400 Pleasure Ave 1064400 Pleasure Ave 3014400 Pleasure Ave 3034400 Pleasure Ave C-307
4400 Pleasure Ave. 1014400 Pleasure Ave. 1024400 Pleasure Ave. 1034400 Pleasure Ave. 104
4400 Pleasure Ave. 2034400 Pleasure Ave. 2064400 Pleasure Ave. 3024400 Pleasure Ave. C-305
4401 Landis Ave. 74401 Landis Ave. Unit 84404 Pleasure Ave. North4410 Central Ave. North
4426 Venicean Rd. North4436 Venicean Rd. South4478 Venicean Rd. North4480 Venicean Rd. North
4480 Venicean Rd. North4486 Venicean Rd. South4500 Pleasure Ave. North4509 Landis Ave. C
4509 Landis Ave. E4509 Landis Ave. Unit A4520 Park Rd. 2nd Floor4601 Landis Ave. G Top Floor
4601 Park Rd South4608 Pleasure Ave. North4608 Pleasure Ave. South4700 Central Ave. South
4708 Landis Ave. North4712 Landis Ave. West4800 Pleasure Ave South4802 Landis Ave. 2S 2nd Floor
4806 Landis Ave. Single4808 Landis Ave. North4900 Landis Ave. 1014900 Landis Ave. 104
4900 Landis Ave. 2034900 Landis Ave. 2044901 Landis Ave 1044901 Landis Ave. 102
4901 Landis Ave. 1034901 Landis Ave. 2024904 Pleasure Ave. North4911 Central Ave. North
4911 Central Ave. South4911 Landis Ave. 2nd floor  
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5 69th St. East50 83rd St. Front50 83rd St. Rear51 83rd St. East
51 84th St. South5104 Pleasure Ave. 2nd floor5106 Marine Place South5112 Landis Ave. North
5112 Landis Ave. South5112 Marine Place South5118 Marine Place North5118 Marine Place South
5204 Landis Ave. South5205 Central Ave. North5205 Central Ave. South5205 Pleasure Ave. North
5208 Marine Place North5208 Marine Place South5214 Landis Ave. 1st floor 5214 Landis Ave. 2nd floor
5302 Landis Ave South5308 Central Ave. North5313 Roberts Ave South 54 79th St. East
54 79th St. West5400 Landis Ave. Unit C5404 Central Ave. South5408 Landis Ave. North
5409 Landis Ave. North5412 Central Ave. West5413 Central Ave. North5505 Landis Ave. South
5505 Roberts Ave. 1st Floor5511 Central Ave. North5513 Roberts Avenue South B5517 Sounds Ave. South
5525 Kneass St. Single5605 Pleasure Ave. North5605 Roberts Ave. South5612 Landis Ave. B-1st fl rear
57 83rd St. East57 83rd St. West5700 Central Ave. East5701 Pleasure Ave. 1st floor
5704 Sounds Ave. South5705 Landis Ave. 2nd Floor5705 Pleasure Ave. 1st Floor5705 Pleasure Ave. 2nd Floor
5709 Landis Ave. South5712 Sounds Ave. South5717 Landis Ave. 1st floor5717 Landis Ave. 2nd,3rd & 4th Floor
5800 Landis Ave. Unit F5809 Central Ave. North5809 Central Ave. South5900 Landis Ave. 302
5900 Pleasure Ave.North5904 Landis Ave. 2035904 Landis Ave. 2045905 Landis Ave. North
5907 Landis Ave. South5911 Pleasure Ave. 2nd floor5922 Sounds Avenue, 1st floor5922 Sounds Avenue, 2nd Floor
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6 72nd St. Single6 79th St. North6 85th St. North60 80th St. East
60 80th St. West60 83rd St. East6010 Pleasure Ave. North6107 Central Ave. South
6109 Central Ave. Single6112 Pleasure Ave. 1st floor6201 Central Ave. South6205 Pleasure Ave. South
6211 Landis Ave. North6300 Landis Ave. Unit B6300 Landis Ave. Unit E6300 Landis Ave. Unit K
6300 Landis Ave. Unit N6304 Pleasure Ave. South6310 Emmeus Rd. North6315 Pleasure Ave. North
6315 Pleasure Ave. South6317 Central Ave. North6318 Central Ave. 1-N6322 Emmeus Rd. North
6322 Emmeus Rd. South6401 Landis Ave. South6401 Pleasure Ave. North6405 Pleasure Ave. North
6406 Central Ave. I 2nd floor6413 Central Ave. 3 1st floor6413 Central Ave. 56413 Central Ave. 7
6413 Pleasure Ave. North6413 Pleasure Ave. South6415 Pleasure Ave. North6419 Pleasure Ave. North
6500 Central Ave. South6504 Landis Ave. 1st floor6504 Landis Ave. 2nd floor6505 Pleasure Ave South
6505 Pleasure Ave. North6508 Pleasure Ave. South6509 Pleasure Ave. North6513 N Pleasure Avenue
6518 Central Ave. North6600 Landis Ave. South6604 Landis Ave. South6604 Pleasure Ave South
6605 Central Ave. North6611 Landis Ave. North6613 Pleasure Ave. South6701 Pleasure Ave. North
6701 Pleasure Ave. South6703 Pleasure Ave. North6705 Pleasure Ave. South6709 Pleasure Ave. North
6709 Pleasure Ave. South6717 Pleasure Ave. North6717 Pleasure Ave. South6800 Central Ave. West
6800 Pleasure Ave. North6801 Pleasure Ave. North6804 Landis Ave. North6808 Central Ave. East
6808 Central Ave. West6813 Central Ave. West6817 Pleasure Ave. North6905 Pleasure Ave. North
6905 Pleasure Ave. South   
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7008 Central Ave. 1st floor7008 Pleasure Ave. North7008 Pleasure Ave. South7009 Landis Ave. North
7009 Landis Ave. South7101 Central Ave. East7101 Central Ave. West7101 Landis Ave. 1st floor
7101 Pleasure Ave. Single7104 Landis Ave. South7104 Pleasure Ave. 1st floor7104 Pleasure Ave. 2nd floor
7105 Landis Ave. South7109 Pleasure Ave. North7109 Pleasure Ave. South7112 Pleasure Ave. 1st floor
7112 Pleasure Ave. 2nd floor7117 Pleasure Ave. South7204 Central Ave. North7207 Pleasure Ave. 2nd
7209 Central Ave. North7209 Landis Ave. North7209 Pleasure Ave. North7211 Pleasure Ave. South
7213 Central Ave. East7213 Pleasure Ave. North7301 Central Ave. 1st floor7304 Pleasure Ave. North
7305 Pleasure Ave. North7309 Landis Ave. 1st floor7317 Pleasure Ave. North7317 Pleasure Ave. South
7321 Pleasure Ave. North7321 Pleasure Ave. South7400 Pleasure Ave. North7400 Pleasure Ave. South
7408 Landis Ave South7409 Landis Ave. North7409 Landis Ave. South7411 Pleasure Ave. North
7415 Pleasure Ave. South Beachfront7501 Pleasure Ave. West7504 Landis Ave. North7504 Landis Ave. South
7504 Pleasure Ave. South7505 Pleasure Ave. 2nd floor7509 Landis Ave. North7509 Pleasure Ave. 1st floor
7605 Landis Ave. South7608 Landis Ave. North7608 Landis Ave. South7701 Landis Ave. East
7704 Pleasure Ave. North7704 Pleasure Ave. South7705 Roberts Ave South7708 Central Ave. North
7708 Central Ave. South7708 Pleasure Ave. North7712 Pleasure Ave. 1st floor7712 Pleasure Ave. 2nd floor
7713 Central Ave. 1st floor7713 Landis Ave. North7713 Landis Ave. South7722 Roberts Ave. North
7722 Roberts Ave. South7801 Pleasure Ave. 1st floor7801 Pleasure Ave. 2nd floor7805 Central Ave. North
7806 Landis Ave. 1st floor7806 Landis Ave. 2nd floor 7900 Pleasure Ave. North7904 Central Ave. East
7904 Central Ave. West7905 Landis Ave. South7908 Central Ave. 1st Floor7911 Pleasure Ave. North
7922 Central Ave. 1st floor7922 Central Ave. 2nd & 3rd floor  
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8 46th St. South8 59th St. North8 59th. St. South8 68th St. West
8 84th St. 1st floor8005 Landis Ave. 1st floor8009 Landis Ave. North81 Holly Glen Lane
8205 East Landis Ave. Single8207 Pleasure Ave North8207 Pleasure Ave South8208 Pleasure Ave. South
8217 Sounds Ave North8300 Landis Ave. North8301 Pleasure Ave. South8304 Pleasure Ave. 1st floor
8305 E Landis Ave. 2nd floor8401 E. Landis Ave. South85 85th St. 385 85th St. 4
85 85th St. 885 85th St. Unit 68508 Pleasure Ave. North8508 Pleasure Ave. South
8509 Pleasure Ave. North85th & Pleasure 202 A85th & Pleasure A3038601 Pleasure Ave. North
8612 Pleasure Ave. East8713 Pleasure Ave. East8803 Pleasure Ave North8808 Pleasure Ave. 1st floor
8808 Pleasure Ave. 2nd floor8816 Pleasure Ave. Front8909 Pleasure Ave. 1st floor8910 Pleasure Ave. West
8911 Pleasure Ave. West   
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9 45th Street South9 45th Street, South9 55th St. North9 55th St. West
9 65th St. West9 75th St. East9 76th St. East9 84th St. South
908 Landis Ave. Single9109 Pleasure Ave. 2nd floor9200 Pleasure Ave. West9201 Pleasure Ave. 101
9201 Pleasure Ave. 1039201 Pleasure Ave. 1049205 Pleasure Ave. 2039205 Pleasure Ave. 204
9205 Pleasure Ave. 2059205 Pleasure Ave. 2069209 Pleasure Ave. 304 2nd floor9209 Pleasure Ave. 305
9300 Pleasure Ave. 1st floor9300 Pleasure Ave. 2nd floor9304 Pleasure Ave. 1st floor9304 Pleasure Ave. 2nd floor
9400 Roberts Ave. 1059400 Roberts Ave. 1069400 Roberts Ave. 1099400 Roberts Ave. 301
9400 Roberts Ave. 306   
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