Margate NJ Vacation Rentals

Margate was created for lasting summer memories. On May 3, 1909 South Atlantic City became Margate City. The city was named after the famous English resort of Margate, England to attract visitors to the area that residents hoped, would become a well-known resort and residential area. Their predictions were right and the area became so much more.

Many people that come here regularly come here as children. They talk about coming here every summer with their family and seeing all of their friends. For many, it is a multi-generational experience. They have countless wonderful memories growing up at the shore, visiting their grandparents, parents, aunts or uncles. It is like a ritualistic annual pilgrimage, full of anticipation and excitement.

Margate offers people so many unforgettable experiences and memories. The city features beautifully maintained beaches, a picturesque bay front, privately owned restaurants and shops found nowhere else and historic landmarks. No one can miss Lucy the Elephant, their most famous and versatile landmark. Lucy has been a restaurant, business office, cottage, tavern and now is preserved and used as a museum for tours. The city also offers historical areas like Marven Gardens. A small beautiful area known for unique luxurious homes and for being featured on a game you might know, Monopoly. When driving through the city, people are awed by the magnificent Parkway section of estate homes with an adorned center median with beautifully landscaped gardens and multiple pond fountains. Margate offers so many attractions like the Margate Farmers Market, Margate Funfest, Thrilling Thursdays, 4th of July Fireworks and so much more.

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