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Avalon & Stone Harbor Vacation Rentals Listings

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There are 568 Properties.

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1 104th Street1 108th Street1 Romney Place10 E 10th Street
10 Linden Lane10 Seagull Drive10 W 21st Street, East10 W 21st Street, West
10 W 8th Street100 96th Street, Unit 203100 96th Street, Unit 204100 96th Street, Unit 205
100 96th Street, Unit 20710009 Sunset Dr, Unit 110015 Third Avenue, 1st FL101 114th Street
101 S Pelican Drive1018 First Avenue102 119th Street102 Pelican Drive
10208 First Avenue105 34th Street106 120th Street107 30th Street, Unit C
108 37th Street, 2nd Floor108 37th Street,1st Floor10800 Third Ave, Unit B410800 Third Avenue, B1
10829 Sunset Drive109 25th Street10912 Third Avenue, 1st Floor10912 Third Avenue, 2nd Floor
110 119th Street110 120th Street110 18th Street110 26th Street, A-East
110 26th Street, B West110 28th Street1114 Stone Harbor Blvd, Unit 1141118 Avalon Avenue
113 39th Street113 Pelican Drive1148 First Avenue115 120th Street
120 30th Street120 35th Street121 15th Street12100 Third Avenue
123 28th Street124 87th Street125 25th Street125 80th Street, Unit C2
1264 First Avenue1266 First Avenue1269 Avalon Avenue128 20th Street
130 107th Street130 Meadowview Lane131 30th Street131 31st Street, B/East
131 32nd Street131 36th Street131 9th Street1318 Ocean Drive, Unit 10
1322 Ocean Dr, Unit 131328 Dune Drive135 77th Street136 16th Street
138 20th Street138 27th Street138 29th Street, Unit 114 93rd Street
14 E 17th Street14 E 27th Street, A Front14 E 27th Street, B/Rear140 77th Street
141 19th Street141 32nd Street141 8th Street145 97th Street, 1st Fl
146 28th Street1461 Ocean Drive149 13th Street149 19th Street
15 99th Street Unit A150 64th Street150 96th Street, Unit 1150 96th Street, Unit 10
150 96th Street, Unit 10150 96th Street, Unit 2150 96th Street, Unit 3150 96th Street, Unit 4
151 34th Street, Front151 8th Street151 95th St Garden House, #3151 95th Street, Unit 1
153 84th Street, East Unit1558 Dune Drive158 10th Street158 24th Street
159 19th Street16 E 10th Street16 E 14th Street16 E 15th Street
16 Marine Way161 24th Street161 40th Street161 8th Street
162 96th Street, Unit 10162 96th Street, Unit 3165 93rd Street166 70th Street
1668 Ocean Dr, Unit B51668 Ocean Drive, B3167 28th Street167 34th Street, A 1st Fl
167 34th Street, B 2nd Fl169 19th Street170 97th Street1708 Ocean Dr, Unit 5
173 33rd Street173 33rd Street, Unit 2174 86th Street1752 Ocean Drive
1758 Dune Drive1769 Avalon Avenue177 39th Street177 77th Street
177 80th Street Unit 104177 80th Street Unit 109177 80th Street Unit 109177 80th Street Unit 110
177 80th Street, Unit 101177 80th Street, Unit 102177 80th Street, Unit 106177 80th Street, Unit 108
177 80th Street, Unit 111177 80th Street, Unit 201177 80th Street, Unit 202177 80th Street, Unit 204
177 80th Street, Unit 205177 80th Street, Unit 207177 80th Street, Unit 208177 80th Street, Unit 304
177 80th Street, Unit 305177 80th Street, Unit 307177 80th Street, Unit 3081779 Ocean Drive, A2
178 32nd Street181 7th Street1838 Dune Drive1858 First Avenue
1879 Avalon Avenue1879 Avalon Avenue189 32nd Street19 E 21st Street
19 Linden Lane19 S. Pelican Drive19 Seabreeze Lane192 83rd Street, 1st Floor East
1968 Dune Drive197 59th Street197 66th Street197 67th Street
198 66th Street   
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2 102nd Street20 94th Street20 E 27th Street, Rear204 18th Street
2062 Avalon Avenue207 36th Street, 2nd floor2109 Dune Drive, Unit C2109 Dune Drive, Unit C
211 65th Street213 105th Street215 24th Street215 27th Street, West Unit
216 24th Street, East216 25th Street, 1st FL2160 Dune Drive2164 Dune Drive
217 27th Street. East22 W 16th Street221 17th Street2219 Avalon Ave, Unit B
2219 Avalon Avenue, Unit A223 15th Street223 17th Street2233 Avalon Avenue
2238 Ocean Drive, 1st Floor2238 Ocean Drive, 2nd FL224 91st Street225 33rd Street
225 52nd Street225 55th Street225 7th Street2253 Avalon Avenue
226 119th Street226 43rd Street226 45th Street226 59th Street
2262 First Avenue2268 Ocean Drive2290 Ocean Drive 2nd fl West23 W 21st Street
231 26th Street2310 Dune Drive233 15th Street234 118th Street
234 121st Street234 15th Street234 25th Street East2355 Ocean Drive, 2nd Floor
236 25th Street West236 27th Street Front Unit236 27th Street Rear Unit236 91st Street, 1st FL
236 91st Street, 2nd FL237 109th Street237 43rd Street239 61st Street
24 E 27th Street, Front240 105th Street, South2400 Avalon Avenue2402 Avalon Avenue
241 25th Street 2nd FL241 33rd Street243 14th Street243 34th Street, East
244 24th Street, West246 61st Street247 41st Street2488 First Avenue
249 13th Street249 29th Street249 55th Street249 59th Street
249 60th Street249 62nd Street249 78th Street25 E 23rd Street
25 E 26th Street25 W 16th Street250 25th Street250 47th Street
250 54th Street250 95th Street250 B 106th Street251 34th Street, Rear
255 83rd Street, Rear Unit255 15th Street255 35th Street256 87th Street, Front
257 89th Str, B-2nd FL257 89th Street 1st Floor259 104th Street, Unit 2259 81st Street
26 E 14th Street26 W 19th Street260 41st Street2605 Ocean Drive
261 27th Street, East2611 Ocean Drive, South2615 Ocean Drive263 103rd Street, West
264 29th Street264 34th Street, East Unit265 102nd Street, A/Rear265 102nd Street, B/Front
265 15th Street265 65th Street265 98th Street, Unit A266 21st Street Unit 268
266 92nd Street268 15th Street269 6th Street270 92nd Street
2709 First Avenue, 1st FL2709 First Avenue, 2nd FL273 26th Street273 6th Street
274 47th Street274 56th Street2743 Dune Drive, North275 25th Street
2759 First Avenue277 68th Street279 54th Street281 29th Street, East
281 46th Street281 70th Street282 35th Street2823 Dune Drive
2828 Avalon Avenue, Unit 42828 Avalon Avenue, Unit 42828 Avalon Avenue, Unit 8283 25th Street
284 86th Street288 33rd Street29 E 28th Street, Unit 8290 59th Street
290 79th Street290 79th Street, Unit 15291 44th Street293 70th Street
294 63rd Street296 34th Street, Front North  
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30 W 27th Street301 109th Street, East301 80th Street, Unit B-24302 84th Street
303 78th Street, Unit B3031 Dune Drive3044 First Avenue305 109th Street, West
306 94th Street307 41st Street308 83rd Street,Unit 43081 Avalon Avenue, North
3083 Avalon Avenue, South310 77th Street3118 First Avenue314 79th Street, East
3149 First Avenue, 1st Floor3149 First Avenue, 2nd Floor3168 Ocean Drive, 2nd Floor317 83rd Street Unit 4
319 80th Street, North321 92nd Street323 80th Street, Unit 15323 92nd Street
325 41st Street, West325 99th Street33 E 15th Street33 Inlet Drive
3347 Ocean Drive34 E 27th Street, 2nd Floor3448 Ocean Drive3449 First Avenue
346 41st Street3460 First Avenue347 92nd Street, Main House348 86th Street
3488 Ocean Drive35 E 17th Street35 W 20th Street35 W 21st Street
351 96th Street, Unit 2133535 Ocean Drive354 41st Street, A Front354 41st Street, B Rear
3547 First Avenue3555 Dune Drive3568 Dune Drive3589 Ocean Drive
36 W 18th Street36 W 19th Street361 40th Street, East3618 Dune Drive
364 41st Street, East366 40th Street, East373 39th Street, East378 83rd Street, Unit 6
386 39th Street, East 3886 Dune Drive389 21st Street389 95th Street
3908 Ocean Drive, West3916 Fourth Avenue398 22nd Street3984 Ocean Drive
3986 Ocean Drive   
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4 88th Street40 N Inlet Drive4010 Dune Drive4021 Ocean Drive
4028 Ocean Drive, 2nd Fl4109 Bayberry Drive4111 Fourth Avenue4126 Ocean Drive
428 Avalon Blvd43 E 28th Street, Rear/North43 E 28th Street, South Unit43 Marine Way
4303 Dune Drive44 E 27th Street, 1st FL44 W 17th Street444 21st Street, 1st FL
4448 Dune Drive4465 Fourth Avenue449 22nd Street, Rear45 32nd Street, West
45 E 17th Street45 E 20th Street45 E 27th Street45 W 19th Street
4503 5th Avenue4509 Fourth Avenue4525 Fourth Avenue454 24th Street, 1st Floor
46 E 17th Street46 E 22nd Street4606 Fifth Avenue464 22nd Street
4709 Fifth Avenue4718 Ocean Drive473 20th Street474 104th Street
4816 Fifth Avenue484 7th Street492 Avalon Blvd498 Old Avalon Blvd
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5 98th Street5058 Ocean Drive506 42nd Street518 20th Street, North
5189 Ocean Drive53 E 13th Street53 W 8th Street5349 Ocean Drive
54 E 27th Street, Unit 154 E 27th Street, Unit 254 E 27th Street, Unit 354 E 27th Street, Unit 4
54 W 34th Street5499 Dune Drive55 E 28th Street, 1st FL55 E 28th Street, 2nd FL
55 W 10th Street55 W 19th Street55 W 28th Street55 W 32nd Street, 2A
55 W 32nd Street, Unit 1A55 W 32nd Street, Unit 1B55 W 32nd Street, Unit 4551 21st Street
556 21st Street, 1st Fl5563 Ocean Drive Front56 E 18th Street56 W 7th Street
581 24th Street, East586 Avalon Blvd 1st Fl.59 W 30th Street5959 Dune Drive
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6 Marine Way601 Dune Drive, Unit 1601 Dune Drive, Unit 3609 Sunrise Drive
614 Sunrise Drive623 Ocean Drive628 Old Avalon Blvd629 Old Avalon Blvd
64 E 27th St, South64 E 27th Street, North64 W 11th Street64 W 34th Street
6408 Ocean Drive, South65 E 23rd Street65 E 23rd Street65 E 28th Street, South
65 W 34th Street65 W 8th Street6537 Ocean Drive6578 Ocean Drive, Unit B
6578 Ocean Drive, Unit C66 E 11th Street66 E 20th Street66 E 20th Street, Unit 111
66 E 20th Street, Unit 11166 W 33rd Street66 W 35th Street6669 Ocean Drive, North
6669 Ocean Drive, South   
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7 107th Street70 W 24th Street700 First Avenue, Unit 202700 First Avenue, Unit 207
700 Ocean Drive, Unit C2700 Ocean Drive, Unit F6715 21st Street719 First Avenue
7199 Dune Drive7279 Dune Drive, North7279 Dune Drive, South73 W 29th Street
74 W 17th Street74 W 22nd Street7461 Sunset Drive7464 Sunset Drive
75 E 23rd Street75 E 24th Street75 W 33rd Street75 W 37th Street
7543 Ocean Drive7558 Dune Drive756 Sunrise Drive, West7589 Ocean Drive
759 Third Avenue76 E 24th Street76 W 13th Street766 Sunrise Drive
7698 Dune Drive77 38th Street778 Dune Drive, Unit A7929 Dune Drive, Unit 206
7929 Dune Drive, Unit 2127929 Dune Drive, Unit 2157929 dune Drive, Unit 314794 Sunrise Dr, West
798 21st Street, East798 Sunrise Drive, 1st Floor  
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8001 Second Avenue8001 Second Avenue, Unit 110804 21st Street, East81 N Inlet Drive
8105 Second Avenue8129 Third Avenue, Unit 38129 Third Avenue, Unit 58201 Third Avenue, Unit 11
8330 Second Avenue84 E 22nd Street842 First Avenue, Rear 2N848 Avalon Avenue
85 E 23rd Street8500 Second Avenue8525 Sunset Drive 8527 Third Avenue
865 Avalon Avenue868 Avalon Avenue8811 Third Avenue, Unit 189 38th Street
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9 E 28th Street, 1st Fl East9 E 28th Street, 1st Fl West9 E 28th Street, 2nd Fl90 E 25th Street
9009 Third Avenue9031 First Avenue92 E 23rd Street9200 First Avenue
9201 Second Ave9201 Third Avenue, South93 W 15th Street94 W 12th Street
9400 First Avenue, Apt 1 Lower Rear9400 First Avenue, Apt 2 Front9400 First Avenue. 2nd and 3rd FL9410 Second Avenue, Unit 209
9410 Second Avenue, Unit 3179508 Sunset Drive9511 Sunset Dr, Unit 2019511 Sunset Drive, Unit 201
9600 First Avenue Unit #69600 First Avenue Unit 109600 First Avenue, Unit 119600 First Avenue, Unit 21
9600 First Avenue, Unit 239600 First Avenue, Unit 49717 Second Avenue, 69807 Second Avenue, Unit 3
9816 Second Ave, Unit 129816 Second Ave, Unit 179816 Second Avenue9816 Second Avenue Unit 7
9816 Second Avenue, Unit 139816 Second Avenue, Unit 149816 Second Avenue, Unit 29816 Second Avenue, Unit 4
9827 Sunset Drive, 1st Fl East   

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