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2997 Dune Drive
Avalon NJ 08202
Phone # 800-967-7796 Phone # 609-967-3001

Avalon & Stone Harbor Seasonal Rentals Listings

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There are 71 Properties.

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103 30th Street, 1st Fl11410 Second Ave136 Meadowview Lane162 Pelican Drive
165 67th Street17 50th Street, Unit 1181 67th Street182 64th Street
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2 Sea Bass Lane205 36th Street, 1st Floor2101 Sixth Avenue2108 Ocean Drive, 1st FL
2110 Ocean Drive2150 Dune Drive, 2nd Floor2168 Fifth Avenue220 85th Street, Front
221 28th Street East unit233 19th Street237 27th Street, 1st FL237 27th Street, 2nd Floor
24 E 26th Street, 2nd Fl244 111th Street26 W 18th Street269 25th Street
271 33rd Street273 33rd Street274 35th Street, 1st Floor275 38th Street
277 27th Street280 32nd Street, 1st FL2808 Ocean Drive283 18th Street, 1st Floor
283 22nd Street2932 Ocean Drive  
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3003 Dune Drive3018 First avenue, 7 South3018 First Avenue, 8 North306 51st Street
320 40th Street East321 40th Street, East322 40th Street3261 Ocean Drive 2nd Floor
3276 Ocean Dr, North/Unit A362 39th Street, East376 20th Street Unit B376 20th Street, Unit A
3865 First Avenue3925 Fourth Avenue, 1st Floor  
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400 21st Street408 W 24th Street429 22nd Street, East429 22nd Street, West
446 21st Street 2nd Floor488 24th Street, C-1 North  
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54 Channel Road553 21st Street571 Old Avalon Blvd575 22nd Street
586 Avalon Blvd, 2nd Fl.5909 Dune Drive  
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670 Third Avenue685 21st Street, 1st Fl695 21st Street696 21st Street, North
696 Sunrise Drive, B 2nd Fl   
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733 21st Street7929 Dune Drive, Unit 212798 Sunrise Drive, 2nd Floor 
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8001 Second Avenue, Unit 1128531 Third Avenue  
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9 E 28th Street, 1st Fl Poolside